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Sale Mintie Girlswear

Mini-me dressing... for less. Find your favourites from our Mintie collection in our girlswear SALE - from soft jumpers and cosy layers to printed tees for every day of the week, all reduced.

  1. Grey Light Quilted Jacket was £55.00now £25.00
  2. Navy Hooded Long Padded Coat was £59.00now £29.00
  3. Grey Faux Fur Hooded Parka was £69.00now £35.00
  4. Khaki Faux Fur Hooded Parka was £69.00now £35.00
  5. Navy Star Lined Light Raincoat was £55.00was £29.00now £22.00
  6. Ivory & Grey Striped Love Tee was £22.00was £15.00now £12.00
  7. Cream Gold Foil Pom Pom Hat was £19.00was £15.00now £10.00
  8. Animal Faux Fur Coat was £69.00now £35.00
  9. Violet Short Padded Coat was £59.00was £45.00now £29.00
  10. Blue Striped Chambray Skirt was £25.00was £15.00now £12.00
  11. Romy Print Soft Skirt was £25.00was £19.00now £15.00
  12. Grey YAY Fluffy Jumper was £35.00was £25.00now £17.00
  13. Tie Dye Print Skirt was £25.00was £17.00now £12.00
  14. Cream Gold Foil Pom Pom Scarf was £22.00was £12.00now £7.00
  15. Yellow High Five Sweatshirt was £32.00was £22.00now £15.00
  16. Blue Striped Chambray Shirt was £25.00was £12.00now £9.00
  17. Pink Daisy Print Blouse was £29.00was £19.00now £15.00
  18. Pink Daisy Print Top was £22.00was £15.00now £12.00
  19. Pink Yay All Day Motif T-Shirt was £19.00was £12.00now £9.00
  20. Mint Star Print Tutu Skirt was £29.00was £19.00now £15.00
  21. Pink Heart Intarsia Jumper was £32.00now £22.00
  22. Pale Pink Turn-Up Hem Short was £25.00was £19.00now £15.00