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Blueprint accessibility

Fresca is committed to making information available on their website regardless of web browsers used or physical characteristics of users.

This site has been designed and constructed to the W3C's WAI accessibility AA rating. This means that the site can be navigated using the tab button and by pre-defined access keys.

Access Keys

You can access the key features of Blueprint without the need for a mouse using the following access keys:

To navigate with access keys:

  • Windows: Hold down the 'Alt' key and the access key, followed by the 'Enter' key
  • Macintosh: Hold down the 'Ctrl' key and the access key.

These access keys are based on those outlined by the UK Government has recommended standards.

  • s = Skip to page content
  • 1 = Skip to home page
  • 2 = What's new
  • 3 = Skip site map
  • 4 = Skip to search
  • 5 = Skip to page navigation
  • 6 = Help
  • 7 = Skip to page footer
  • 8 = Skip to terms and conditions
  • 9 = Skip to contact us
  • 0 = Skip to accessiblity information

Font size

Use your web browser to select your preferred font size.

  • For Microsoft Internet Explorer: select View, then Text Size and select your preferred size
  • For Firefox: select View, then Text Size and select Increase or Decrease
  • For Netscape: select View, then Text Zoom and select your preferred size
  • For Apple OSX: hold down the apple key and press the + and – keys to increase or decrease the font size
  • Images

    All content images on this site include descriptive ALT attributes. Purely decorative graphics include null ALT attributes.

    Where images contain important information, images include LONGDESC attributes or inline descriptions to explain the significance of each image to non-visual readers.