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Mint Velvet Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap legislation, under the Equality Act 2010, requires an employer with 250 employees or more to publish their gender pay gap.

As a company founded for women, by women, Mint Velvet is committed to equal pay, informed by market rates, for equivalent roles across our business. As a premium womenswear retailer, we predominately attract female applicants to our roles, from many backgrounds and nationalities, resulting in a strong gender bias within our business.

Team demographic

Gender Pay Gap

This information is based on hourly rates at the snapshot date of 5th April 2017.

Mean Calculations

The gender pay gap is a measure of the difference in average hourly rates of pay between men and women across the whole organisation, regardless of their role and it can be driven by the different number of men and women across all roles in the organisation. This is different to a comparison of equal pay, which compares the rates of pay for people working in the same or equivalent roles.

The low mix of male employees across our business (1.2%), combined with the highest proportion of our workforce, represented by females working part-time and receiving the same hourly rate of pay, in our stores, has resulted in the gender pay gap figures indicating that male employees are paid a higher average hourly rate. We only have two male employees working part-time in our stores and the remaining six male employees, are in roles in Head Office, which attract a higher salary.

This combination of an overwhelmingly female workforce, the majority of whom work in our stores, the majority of our male employees based at Head Office and the different pay structures for Retail and Head Office have created a pay gap.

As a business, however, we are confident that women and men are paid equally for doing equivalent roles and that female employees are represented across all levels of the business. We also offer flexible working across the business, which increases opportunities available to our employees. Our senior leadership team is 85.7% female with 30% working part time.

Gender Bonus Gap

All employees have an equal opportunity to receive bonus pay.

Gender Bonus Gap

This information is based on the 12 month reference period up until 5th April 2017.

The gender bonus gap is a measure of the difference in bonus payments between men and women across the whole organisation, regardless of their role, location or bonus scheme set up.

Our bonus pay gap again reflects the structure of the organisation, where 71.2% of our total workforce is female, working part time within our stores, while the majority of our male employees are in full time roles in Head Office.

We remain committed to ensuring our policies and opportunities are fair and inclusive. We continue to offer flexible working, including shared parental leave, which encourage women back into the workplace and through employee development, enable employees to realise their potential.

This statement confirms that the published information is accurate at the time of publishing and is signed by Liz Houghton, Chief Executive Officer.

Liz Houghton
Mint Velvet Founders

Jane, Lisa & Liz - founders of Mint Velvet