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Welcome to MV Stylist, our chance to offer you a hand-picked selection of new-season styles, especially tailored to suit your taste and lifestyle. Let us get to know you by answering a few questions below, and our styling team will get to work!

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Let's start with the basics...

What would you like to get out of your MV Stylist?

Question 2/8

Whose style do you identify with the most?

Hint: Think the kind of MV styles you'd like to receive in your box

Question 3/8

Pick your three favourite styles

Mint Velvet Romantic Style
Mint Velvet Casual Style
Mint Velvet Fashion Forward Style
Mint Velvet Bohemian Style
Mint Velvet Minimal Style
Mint Velvet Sporty Style
Mint Velvet Classic Style
Mint Velvet Glamourous Style
Question 4/8

Please select the skin tone, hair shade
and eye colour that’s closest to yours.

This will allow us to tailor our product selection to your natural colouring.

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Question 5/8

What sizes do you usually buy at Mint Velvet?

This will really help us ensure eveything fits perfectly.

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Where would your dream getaway be?

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Is there anything else you'd like your stylist to know?

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Where should we deliver your box?

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How would you prefer to be contacted by your stylist?

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