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We do things differently from the inside out; we operate in a professional but non-corporate environment with a focus on open communication, where we encourage our teams to deliver the best they can for themselves and the business. As a Founder-led brand we continue to be driven from the same energy and passion that grew the business to it's quick success, making for both a challenging and exciting place of work. We're looking for exceptional candidates to join us, both in skill set and values, to continue our ambitious growth of the brand.

Key Facts

40 +
100 +
Employees in HQ
500 +
Employees in stores

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Mint Velvet Values

‘With Soul’

Money making isn't our only measure of success - we want Mint Velvet to be fun and inspiring place to work, offering career development for our people. Everything we do, even the tiny details, will have a precious and considered quality, as we believe it's the little things that make life lovely.

Mint Velvet Values


Our business operates on a culture of honesty knowing people trust you when you tell the truth and by taking smart risks we can drive change. We expect our people to have resilience, discipline and grit, remaining calm under stress, even when events are outside of your control.

Mint Velvet Values


We care about what we do and we want the business to be the best it can, so we look for people who are tenacious, optimistic and positive. We are never too formal, always human, warm and personal, knowing that empathy and kindness go a long way in a challenging environment.

Mint Velvet Values

‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’

We're ambitious and never want to stand still; our teams are encouraged to have a sense of ownership for their roles, seeing the opportunities available to us and being excited, motivated, agile and ready for action - we call it freedom within a framework.

Mint Velvet Values


We believe a strong team achieves more than a team of strong individuals, so we work together and inclusively, sharing information and ideas, feeding back candidly and practicing honesty.

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What other people say

Great company to work for. They really care about their staff, customers and doing the right thing in general.

JUNE 2010

The team are absolutely lovely, I had come from a retail background and always had great teams but Mint Velvet made me feel instantly welcome and after my first week it felt like I had known everyone for months.

JUNE 2010

The CEO does have time for everyone, most people that work here are approachable.

JUNE 2010