Join us as we interrogate #MVInsider Beth, our Customer & Brand Marketing Director, on the MV trends she’s most excited about this month, her approach to 2021, and what it’s been like to work at MV for over 11 (!) years.

What it’s like behind the scenes…

As Customer & Brand Marketing Director, what is my average day like? It’s a cliché, but there is no such thing as average at MV. I’ve worked here for 11 years and I’m still just as excited about my job now as I was back then. I’ll go from looking at customer data trends to planning a new brand campaign, all in the same day. It’s never boring!

Having been part of the Mint Velvet family for over 10 years now – what’s changed since the early days and what’s stayed the same? There’s a lot more of us (I remember when the office was less than 10 people sat around a desk) but we’re just as passionate about the brand as we were then.

What makes MV special as a brand?
The people, the vision and the opportunities.

What I’m wearing this month…

The style I’m wearing on repeat – Like everyone, I have drifted towards a wardrobe of tracksuits and leggings, but I was also pregnant throughout the summer so it was just easier all round. Now, I’m adding fur and textured knits to my staple leggings so I feel a bit more glamorous.

My favourite shoes right now – Until I had children I would never wear trainers outside of the gym… but I have come to love them. I prefer a high top and something with metallic on to jazz them up a bit though. That said, I can’t get enough of heeled mules – I still wear some from MV that I have had for years – they are a bit tattered from the dozens of dance floors they have been on (pre-children!!!).

The trend I’m loving from MV – I love anything sporty worn with a heel – I think I was wearing tracksuit bottoms with stilettos in the early 00s, so the current sporty separates and relaxed suits with heels are right up my street. I’d add oversized hoop earrings to take me back to my youth!

What I’m eating & drinking…

The recipes I can’t wait to try – I am not the best at following recipes and make up most of the meals I make by looking at pictures on Pinterest. I’m currently favouring anything with mushrooms in.

My favourite drink – I’m not a big drinker… so I get more excited by a herbal tea than a glass of wine. I’m a sucker for a hot chocolate from SAID (they are like molten chocolate bars!) in London and will be making the pilgrimage soon.

Favourite restaurant – Having 2 small children impacts my ability to eat out as much as I used to, so I get excited when my boyfriend brings home sandwiches from Pret! That said, I have always loved the theatre of eating at Bob Bob Ricard in Soho… perhaps one for date night post lockdown.

What I’m reading…

Share what’s on your current reading list – I love going to the library, it’s always been a bit of a treat for me. I walk the aisles and pick up random books and take them home (I’m not great at remembering the authors’ names!). I have recently read Dawn O’Porter’s book, So Lucky, so would like to read some more of hers. I’ll also read anything by Irvine Welsh… and have enjoyed both of Sara Pascoe’s books.

A book I could read over and over again – I never read anything twice!

What I’m up to this month…

Any holiday coming up – If all goes well, we’ll be heading to Crete for our first ever family holiday in June – we’re already dreading a flight with 2 children, but we have a beautiful villa in a tiny complex with an onsite farm and rural surroundings.

New town I’ve visited – I’ve not really been anywhere for a year due to lockdown, but can’t wait to get exploring again once we’re through the worst of it. First stop… Whitstable!

Things to do in my borough – I live in Penge in South East London. It’s recently had an influx of street art to rival trendy East London and we were lucky enough to be part of it – we offered up the side of our house for a piece of art, which is one of the biggest in the area. There are various art tours that go on and we get lots of people coming by to take photos – it’s nice to be part of a community art project. We’re even getting something else added to the front of our house in a few months.

New year musings…

Do you believe in New Year resolutions, and why? – No, I challenge myself constantly and don’t believe in focusing so much energy into one month… it’s always seemed like a route to failure to me.

What’s your approach to 2021, after the year we’ve had? – I’m going to try to remember what I enjoyed about lockdown, as there were some upsides, like seeing my children a bit more and not feeling like I was rushing everywhere. But I’ll definitely also try to get out more… I miss the freedom to jump in the car and head off for lunch or go and explore somewhere.

My definition of Relaxed Glamour…

Feeling glamorous (or sexy) in a way that doesn’t feel forced. I always feel the look is undone when it feels contrived or uncomfortable… true sexiness only really comes when you feel like yourself, so the clothes you wear have to make you feel amazing.