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How to care for your jeans

Our in-house denim experts debunk some myths around denim care and give us their best tips to keep your jeans looking their best for longer.

MYTH 1“Put them in the freezer”This one’s false – it doesn’t do any good, or bad, but is not a good alternative to washing your jeans. The reasoning behind it is that it slows/pauses the spread of bacteria but if there are any in the fibres they’ll still be there when you take them out again.

MYTH 2“Avoid washing your jeans”There’s a nuance to this one – we would definitely advise you to wash your jeans as needed, but not necessarily after every wear. It can be a matter of personal preference: on some styles you might want to help them recover their shape, or get rid of a stain. We would advise against tumble drying though.

MYTH 3“Always wash inside out”This one’s true! Washing your jeans inside out reduces abrasion on the outer layer of your denim, which in turn helps prevent colour loss.

Top tips

– Do not use fabric conditioner – it can increase colour transfer, especially on dark jeans.

– As a general rule, wash at low temperatures – they’re better both for the environment and to extend the life of your jeans. High temperatures can fade colours.

– Use colour safe detergent – avoid those with optical brightening agents, which can dull colours (unless you’re washing white jeans).

– Jeans can be ironed and stored however you like – folded is our method of choice.

– Make sure you wash them with similar colours, especially when dark or bright.

– When in doubt, always check the care label – we carry out extensive testing before each pair of jeans is approved, and all our care recommendations can be found on the label.


We believe in caring for our clothes to the very end of their life cycle, so we’ve put together a few tips and ideas to help you get the best out of your favourite pair of jeans – trust us, it can be both creative and fun!

MEND – Worrying about a rip, hole or stain? Rips or holes can be carefully pulled open with scissors and filed down with sandpaper for a distressed look. Sashiko stitching or what is known as ‘visible mending’ is also a lovely way to make imperfections look beautiful. And if you’d rather cover things up, a cool patch can be stitched or ironed onto the area for a California-inspired look.

UPCYCLE – Here’s where you can really get creative. Who hasn’t cut a full-length pair of jeans into shorts? There’s also tons of re-styling ideas out there to reinvent your denim, from colourful embroidery and hand-painting, to re-hemming with a contrasting fabric.

REPURPOSE – Once the two above are ruled out, it’s time to think outside the box. Would these fit a family member or friend? Could they be donated to a charity? Could I repurpose the fabric for a hobby or to use as cleaning cloths?

RECYCLE – To avoid it going to landfill, take your denim to a local charity or recycling centre at the end of its life so it can be recycled.

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