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the art of
Christmas wreath making

We visited co-founder Jane’s beautiful home in Tunbridge Wells for a sneak peek into her Christmas prep. Jane shares her step by step tips on creating a Christmas wreath.


Twigs and foliage
Fine green floral wire
Wire cutters/scissors
Finally, you’ll need a bit of
patience for the circle making!

Collect fallen twigs, ideally foraged from the countryside. Willow, birch and grapevine twigs work well. The trick is finding them not too dried out as they will crack and break as you try to curve them – so you need them to feel bendy and pliable. If you can’t forage, many florists will be able to advise on materials.

For your foliage, a bunch of fresh eucalyptus works best. This year I also found baby eucalyptus which is really pretty with a smaller leaf and dried honesty – kindly donated from my mum’s garden!


Get two twig lengths – I use about 80cm lengths – overlap the two ends by about 10cm and secure with two pieces of wire. Twist to secure but leave 20cm of wire free – you can use this later to secure your foliage into the wreath. Then form a circle, again overlapping and twisting two lengths of wire. This will make a wreath approx. 50 cm in diameter.

Now you can start building up your wreath with other lengths of twigs – gently feeding them in and out of the circle – securing with wire every now and then. I do this with about 10/ 15 more lengths.

Now you can add in your foliage – I love the ‘undone’ asymmetric style that has been on trend for a few years now and definitely reflects the natural, foraged feel. Start pushing in your eucalyptus and honesty branches at different angles from one chosen point in the circle and wire in place where needed. Trim any excess wire.

To finish, I might add one wooden star or a black glass bauble from the top of the wreath. I’m really feeling for black as a contrast colour this year. The great thing about these wreaths are they look just as good when the foliage starts to dry out. I made a giant one meter diameter one for my hallway last year which now lives in my bathroom all year round!


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