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Pom Pom

DIY Decorations

by Theo Beckett

Author- Theo Beckett

We spend so much of our time looking at screens, tapping away at keyboards and immersing ourselves in the digital world that we can often forget to nurture our creative sides.

Pom Pom

MV Twist: Try using the festive tissue paper from your latest MV purchase to construct your Pom Pom

Hands on creativity can help you to relax unwind and take a step back from the stresses of the day to day, and there’s no better time to get crafty than at Christmas.

These homemade Christmas Pom Poms are easy to make (by yourself or with the family) and best of all they look gorgeous hung around the house.

Tissue Paper

Give your Christmas a personal touch with this simple how to:

8 pieces of rectangular tissue paper (25 x 38cm)

Tissue Paper

Begin by layering each piece of tissue on top of one another, lining them up as accurately as possible.

Tissue Paper

Starting from one end, begin folding the paper in an ‘accordion-fold’ pattern.

Tissue Paper

You should now be left with a straight length of tissue paper. Fold this in half and secure with your string.

Cutting Tissue Paper

Snip both the ends into a point, and pull the accordion-folds apart.

Pom Pom

Start to gently pull up each layer, fluffing them out. Do this from both sides.

Finished Pom Pom
Finished Pom Pom
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