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Easter crafts with Cotton Clara

Looking for a boredom buster? Quick and easy crafts that anyone, anywhere can do — no mess, no fuss, just good family fun. Cotton Clara is the home of creative creations and playful pop palettes. Here, Cotton Clara shares how to do some easy-breezy Easter crafting at home. So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your creativity and taste for colour by letting your artistic side run wild – let’s get crafty!

What you’ll need:

Some scissors

Cotton thread

Different patterned papers — could even be newspaper or magazines if you don’t have anything else.

Glue stick


1. First, you’ll need to make a template. Draw an oval shape, find something to draw around as a guide if you like. It will need to be fairly symmetrical so once you have a shape, fold it in half and trim the edges so it’s the same on both sides.

2. Now, take your patterned paper, draw around your template and cut out six egg shapes.

3. Next, fold the egg shapes in half, the side that will show will be on the inside of the fold.

4. Then, start by gluing on one half of the outside of the egg shape and stick the second egg shape (outer side) onto the first. Keep going like this, sticking half of the egg shapes onto each other. When you get to the last shape, you’ll need to glue both sides to complete the egg and stick it together.

5. Once the glue has dried, take a needle and thread it with a length of cotton about 30 cm in length. Push your needle through the top of the egg and tie your thread in a knot so you can hang your egg.

6. Finally, if you wish, repeat with different patterned papers and different sized eggs.

What you’ll need:

Old cereal box

Adhesive tape

Large needle or metal skewer


Card or patterned paper


Tea Towel

1. First, draw out a bunny ear shape on your card, cut it out and then draw round it to make the second bunny ear. Draw a smaller ear shape (the inside of the ear) onto the card, in faint pencil.

2. Next, using a tea towel to lean on, take a needle and your first bunny ear and punch holes, 1 cm apart, all around the inside of the ear. Do this on both ears.

3. Now, thread your needle with some wool and stitch around the bunny ear using a simple back stitch, coming up from the bottom of the card and down through the previous hole, and so on.

4. Finally, once you have stitched your ears, attach them with adhesive tape to a band of card or patterned paper.

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