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Eco cleaning with method UK

With bleach-based washing products damaging our waterways and our fabrics, it’s time to adopt a greener clean with naturally-derived and biodegradable formulas. Follow these tips and tricks to be kinder to the planet – and your clothes. Win, win.

30 and thriving

Not only does washing at lower temperatures save energy, it’ll protect your clothes from heat damage during the washing and drying process, thus increasing the lifespan of your clothes. To ensure a thorough clean, make sure you use a product designed to work in lower temperatures.

Easy does it

Give your delicates the TLC they deserve and invest in a machine-friendly mesh bag. This little bag will protect them from the rough and tumble of even the gentlest cycles.

Leave them hanging

Shun the tumble dryer for a good old fashioned airing – simply shake, reshape and drape. The best part? Most creases will drop out as your clothes dry so that’s less time ironing. Because, social life.

Let’s get physical

Workout clothes are made from specialised synthetic fabrics, so require a different treatment from your usual washing regime. Turn inside out, go light handed on the laundry liquid (a half measure will suffice), skip the fabric conditioner and air dry.


With a powerful concentrated liquid you can use approximately a third of the product you would use in a wash with a standard laundry liquid, saving precious product but also saving plastic over time.

Find out more about planet-friendly laundry products at method UK

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