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Getting Through Winter

Mind, Body & Soul
Getting Through Winter

by Sally Nash

Author- Sally Nash

The long cold nights of winter can often feel relentless once all the seasonal festivities are over, and January is often a time for many of us to inflict harsh restrictions on ourselves. We might feel that this will combat the overindulgence of Christmas, but this sense of deprivation can just add to an already low mood.

This month Sally Nash, our health and nutrition guru from Absorb Harmony, joins us with some simple tips for getting through the winter months.

Whilst I’m not advocating that we should all continue the indulgence of the party season, I do believe that we should be a little more forgiving with ourselves as we head into the remaining winter months. We should look at January as a time to nurture our minds and bodies, rather than to deny ourselves the things we love.

If we look at how nature behaves during the winter; some animals take to hibernation, whilst many plants and trees lay bare and seemingly lifeless, it may appear a dormant time. However, this superficially inactive period is in fact a time of preparation; a conservation of energy that allows for the sudden burst and beauty of life to re-emerge as soon as spring arrives.

By actively deciding to slow down in January and February, we can shut off from some of the distractions that drain our energy levels.  We can use this natural winter cycle to reset and recharge, and start to view “taking care of ourselves” as a well-planned journey rather than a chore.

Getting Through Winter
Getting through Winter

So, here are my 4 top tips to avoid winter burn out, whilst still keeping your internal fire alight.

These wonderfully easy one-pot meals can be jam-packed full of vegetables and nutrients and simply left in the slow cooker or pre-set oven to simmer away all day long. There is nothing more welcoming then coming home to the delicious smell of supper that’s ready to eat.

Try spending some of the longer winter nights cosied up at home. This is great time to reflect and focus on what really makes us happy. Utilise this precious time to learn a new skill or pursue a dream.

Ensure you have appropriate footwear and clothing for the season and perhaps indulge in some comfortable winter luxuries to keep out the chills. Don’t forget that although it is tempting to not venture outside at all on a cold winter’s day, it is essential for our moods that we get as much daylight as possible. A daily brisk walk at lunchtime can enliven spirits and awaken the senses.

When seeing family and friends, take pleasure and celebrate in the gifts of winter: a heartfelt chat over a fireside drink, or a hot chocolaty catch-up in a cosy café. We can keep our hearts warm with the simplicity of kind words and gestures to ourselves, and those around us, even when it’s cold outside.

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