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The Art of Great Holiday Snaps

Great Holiday Snaps

by Ashley James

Author - Ashley James

Going on holiday is always exciting; a well-deserved break from work, some much needed sunshine, the opportunity to explore a totally new environment, and taking photos is the best way to document these magical memories.

But, do you ever look on social media and wonder how people made their trips seem so effortlessly idyllic? Well, don’t worry, Ashley James is here to offer you tips and hacks to take your holiday snaps to the next level…  

Avoid taking photos when the sun is at its highest

Avoid taking photos when the sun is at its highest

 Midday sun might be the ideal time for sun worshippers, but it’s the worst time to take your holiday photographs. When the sun is high in the sky it casts unflattering shadows on your body, and is also so bright everything will appear very harsh – that means every lump and bump will be exaggerated.  The perfect time for photo taking is first thing in the morning and the last hour at night, when the sun is soft and low, making everything seem very soft and beautiful.

Taken at 9am in the morning. It’s still too cold to sunbathe but who would know from this image?

Ask a friend to take your photos & Always face the sun!

Ask a friend to take your photos

Selfies can be great but the purpose of holiday photos is to see the location and get a feel of the atmosphere. Ask a friend or family member to take a photo of you with a nice background.

Always face the sun!

It’s important to face towards the sun (but not looking directly at it!) whilst taking photos as it acts as a natural flash creating fabulous lighting for shots of yourself / people / objects you want to be the main focus.

If you take a photo with your back to the sun you will be shadowed, but this can work if you are taking a nice sunset photograph and are happy to be a silhouette. You can get creative and even make shapes with your body!

Use your location

Use your location

Use your location to your benefit and match your outfits appropriately. If you’re wanting to show off your new bikini, do it on the beach or by the pool. If you’re wearing a new dress that is perfect for a night out, then take it in the town. Similarly, make the most of your surroundings – if there is a nice soft breeze on the beach you can show that off by having your dress float in the wind.

The best photographs are the ones where people can imagine the environment and atmosphere of the image. The ones that make people wish they were there.

Edit and brighten

Edit and brighten

I really believe you shouldn’t edit your images too much because natural is better; however, sometimes it’s worth brightening your images a little bit, or upping the saturation to exaggerate the scene.

In this photo I added contrast to me to make me stand out, and saturation to my dress to show it was pink.

There’s a great app called Snapseed that allows you to edit specific areas of an image. Just go to edit – selective, select the area you want to edit and adjust the settings. I usually increase the saturation of the sky and the sea and add a bit of brightness to my face.

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