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Homemade Wreaths

by Theo Beckett and Lisa Grant

Author- Theo Beckett

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a beautiful festive wreath.  Mint Velvet’s very own Fortnum and Mason’s trained Lisa Grant gives us a simple and easy step-by-step tutorial so you can make your very own.



Ready to go wreath base
7 oasis bauble
Stub wire
Craft wire
3 limes
A luxury ribbon
15 sprigs Eucalyptus
Cinnamon sticks (large)
Glue gun
Craft wire (green)
Spray Glue
Various bauble and other Christmas decorations of your choice
Thin elastic bands

STEP ONE: Sparkling eucalyptus

1. Get your eucalyptus sprigs and secure 5 together using your elastic bands to create a small bundle

2. Take your spray glue and spray lightly over your bundle

3.Grab your glitter and sprinkle over your bundle, before gently shaking it to get any excess sparkle off.
Repeat for each bundle and set aside.

Step One
Step Two

STEP TWO: Moss Balls

We’ll begin by making our moss balls.
Get both your moss and your oasis balls ready, and plug your glue gun in. Make sure you can reach it easily.

This is deceivingly easy, and takes no time at all – just make sure not to burn yourself!

1.  Get your glue gun at the ready, and start gluing around your oasis ball.

2.  As you go, stick the moss down and pat it gently

3.  Once you’ve covered the entire ball, wrap your wire around the outside of the moss ball, securing the moss in place

4.  Snip off the excess wire once you’re satisfied that the moss is secure and twist the ends together

5.  Trim the moss so that you end up with a perfect mossy sphere

6.  Place your wreath base on the table

7.  Pierce the side of your moss ball with the stub wire and push through until the wire sticks out evenly on both sides

8. Twist both ends of the wire together to secure

9.  Use the loose ends of the wire to secure the balls to the base

Repeat for each. You should end up with 7 moss balls.

We will be using dry oasis balls today, but feel free to go for wet ones. These will allow you to decorate with fresh produce like flowers.

STEP THREE: Cinnamon

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a touch of festive cinnamon, making this the perfect accessory for any wreath

1. Break each of your 6 cinnamon sticks in half

2. Using your glue gun, dot glue in the centre of one half

3. Glue them together, securing so that the cross over one another

4.  Wrap stub wire around and twist the ends together.

Repeat this for each cinnamon stick so that you are left with three ‘sets’

5. Use the wire to secure each of your cinnamon stick sets to the moss balls

Step Three
Step Four


Limes add some fresh and zesty appeal, but feel free to use anything from an orange to a pomegranate!
1. Take three limes and cut each in half

2. Pierce the side of each of your lime halves with the stub wire, until it sticks out evenly on either side

3. Twist the wire around and secure the ends to one another, twisting again.

4. Now use your stub wire to secure the limes to your moss ball.

5. Repeat this step, until you have two limes positioned either side of every cinnamon stick

Details and objects that are arranged or grouped in odd numbers are more appealing and memorable than even-numbered pairing. For this reason we will be working mostly with odd numbers.


STEP FIVE: Eucalyptus

The soft, muted green of eucalyptus looks gorgeous with the stronger colours on the wreath and it couldn’t be easier to use.
1. Twist the stub wire around the base of each of your three eucalyptus bundles.

2. Use the stub wire to secure the eucalyptus bundles into three of the seven moss balls.


To polish ours off we added mini ball balls to the mix, but the great thing about these gorgeous wreaths is that you can all add your own personal touch by going for anything.

Lisa suggests switching your dry oasis balls for wet ones, and using fresh flowers or making your very own fur pom poms.

Last, but not least, comes your bow.

This is probably the simplest step, but will make the world of difference to the look of your wreath.

We’ve chosen the signature MV grey for ours, but add your own personal touch and go for anything you’d like.

1. Tie your bow, ensuring that it is secure.
2. Thread a length of wire through the central knot and secure on the wreath base.
… and VOILA! You’ve just made your very own Christmas Wreath.

Don’t forget – you can re-use these year after year.

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