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Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

by Coco Chocolate

Coco Chocolate

Coco Chocolate join us with the perfect hot chocolate recipe. It’s time to snuggle up, indulge and enjoy….

Hot Chocolate

Foundations of greatness: chocolate. Get yourself some good quality chocolate as that’s the only way to be truly satisfied with your drink!

At Coco we recommend 70% dark & rich chocolate for that purpose.

You can either grate your favourite bar of chocolate or mix some pure cocoa powder with cocoa butter and your favourite sweetener. Never forget the fat. We need some healthy fat to take this drink to a different level of indulgence!


Put 25g of your flaked drinking chocolate in your favourite cup. A longer & thinner cup will deliver more cocoa notes up your nose to massage your brain!


Heat up the milk. We recommend full fat cow’s milk and oat milk for vegans. You can get a lovely texture with oat milk and it will add some nuttiness to your hot chocolate.


Prepare the spices. What would you like your chocolate to taste of? Cinnamon or Cardamom? Chilli? Cloves and rose? The possibilities are endless. You only need a tiny pinch to build this drink up to a blissful adventure.

Hot Chocolate
Hot chocolate


Pour hot milk over your chocolate and stir well. We use 25 g of drinking chocolate powder for 200 ml of milk. Remember that you can always reduce the milk quantity to get a thicker chocolate!


If you can heat up the chocolate mixture together for few seconds. We use a steamer to do that but you can easily do it on a stove.

Enjoy your irresistible Hot Chocolate!


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