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Marble coasters

Marble Coasters

by Carrie Fry

Author- Carrie Fry

Carrie Fry, writer, photographer and author of the creative blog One Pleasant Day joins us this month with a simple step by step guide to creating your very own faux marble coasters.

Marble Coasters

Coasters may be a home essential, but that doesn’t mean they have to be basic! This very simple upcycling project means your coasters can be a beautiful accessory while they keep your surfaces safe from spillages.

Step 1



Faux Marble Printed Sticky Back Plastic / Self Adhesive Film – available in many home and hardware stores.

Basic Coasters


Gold Paint

  1. Starting with your basic coasters, lay them on the reverse side of the plastic/film and draw an outline. Repeat this with all four coasters.

2. To decorate the edges of the coasters, squeeze a small amount of gold acrylic paint onto a small sheet of tinfoil. The cork sides can be left as they are, but the little touch of gold is a pretty addition.

3. Carefully, by holding the opposite edge, gently swipe the edge of the coaster through the paint, leaving a glossy coat on the edge. Repeat if necessary until the edge is covered, and then repeat with all edges. Don’t worry if you get any onto the coaster top, as that is going to be covered. Leave to dry completely




Step 2

4. While the paint dries, cut out the ‘marble’. This is just a case of cutting around the drawn outlines on the back of the plastic/film with scissors as neatly possible.

5. Once the painted edged coasters are fully dry, the final step is to apply the plastic adhesive. Peel back the paper backing, and carefully stick the film down onto the coaster, lining it up to the edges.

Step 3

The shiny finish of the plastic film means that the coasters can be wiped clean when necessary, meaning they are perfect for the dining room or adorning a side table. This is a very simple DIY, but a great way of brightening up some home ware basics!

Marble Coasters
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