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Art of Paper Stars

Paper Stars

by Virginia Gill

Author- Virginia Gill

Why not give Christmas the homemade touch and get creative with these easy to make origami decorations, perfect as table and tree decorations, and even gift-wrapping accessories.  And, the best things about these stars is that you can make them as big or small as you like.

Paper Stars

Using a strong paper with a brown backing will help you create more rigid stars.

STEP ONE:  Cut 8 equal squares from matching paper.

Step 2- Making Paper Stars

STEP TWO: Take one of your squares and fold it in half at the corners.

 Step 3 Making Stars

STEP THREE: Fold the outside corners in to meet the centre fold.

Step 4 Making Stars

STEP FOUR:  Fold the new outer corners in towards the centre fold to create a diamond shape.

Step 5 Making Stars

STEP FIVE:  From here, you need to create a folded cross as shown by the dotted lines. Do this by folding the top point down and opening up again.

Step 6 Making Stars

STEP SIX:  Turn the diamond over, with the fold lines pointing towards you. Use these fold lines to turn up the bottom corner to one side.

Step 7 Making Stars

STEP SEVEN:  This is the tricky part; fold the vertical point in half, followed by the ‘west’ facing point. You should now have a shape that looks like the second image.

Repeat the above steps to create 8 of these.

Step 8 Making Stars

STEP EIGHT:  Take one of your 8 sections and open the back of the taller point to reveal a hidden flap. Take another section and tuck the smaller point under this flap until snug. Repeat with all 8 sections until you form a complete circle.

Step Nine Making Stars

STEP NINE: Gently press the sections into the centre until you achieve the desired effect.

The Finished Hand-made Star
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