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The Art of | Party Games

DIY Games

by Helen Games

Author- Helen Archard

Nothing quite gets the party started like a game.  Here’s our top 5 games to try out this summer.

Dog and DIY Games

Tug of war

Simple and always fun, a tug of war will get everyone up and involved.

Balloon darts

Attach your blown up balloons to a large piece of card or wood making the different colours worth different points, then let the scoring begin. Why not feel them with glitter or coloured paint for an altogether messier, and more colourful, game.


Bobbing for doughnuts

A somewhat messy game, but full of reward (doughnuts!), simply string your doughnuts to a tree, put your hands behind your back, and race to eat the doughnut first.


Adopted from our cousins across the pond, the piñata is fast becoming a party favourite. You can make your own from papier mache and finish off with brightly coloured paints.  Then you just need to fill it with lots of treats


Simply fill bottles with water, lay out your bottles and get skittle-ing. You can paint your bottles in summery shades to make your game more colourful.


Apple Games
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