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The Art Of | Pom Poms

Pom Poms

Keep little minds and hands busy with a crafternoon. Learn how to make everyone’s favourite accessory – pom-poms – courtesy of Heaps+Stacks and then use them to create earrings for you and decorate a headband for your mini-me.


How to make pom-pom earrings

You will need:

Fabric scissors
1 pom-pom maker
Strong beading thread
2 earring fixings (jump rings, chain and earring hooks OR hoops)
Wool of your choice



1. Take the two parts of the pom-pom maker and place them on top of each other so they fit together securely.
2. Holding the pom-pom maker together in one hand, take the wool and start wrapping it evenly around once side until it makes a full oval shape.
3. Wrap the wool around the second half of the pom-pom maker.
4. Close the two halves of the pom-pom maker together, connecting the closure fully.
5. Take your scissors and start to cut the pom-pom along the outer edges of the wool, making sure you hold the maker together at all times. Check there are no untrimmed strands, as this will make the pom-pom less secure when fastening.
6. Using your beading thread, tie down through the two sides of the pom-pom maker to secure your pom in the centre, then knot tightly to secure.
7. When several knots have been tied, tie fixings of your choice down into the centre of the pom. This will hide your jump ring and secure your earring hook into place.
8. Now, trim your pom! Using your scissors, gently shear away any unruly strands until it is the size and shape you want.
9. Repeat all steps to create your second pom-pom. Make sure chain links are mirrored and both poms are evenly sized.
10. Enjoy your new creations!


How to decorate a headband

You will need:

Either an Alice band or elastic headband
Craft materials: gems, flowers, feathers, pom-poms etc
Craft glue



1. Take your Alice band or elastic headband, and check it for size.
2. Pick a selection of craft materials that look good with your headband and start to plan where you’d like to stick them – from large flowers, feathers, pom-pom trims and gem stones.
3. Safely glue and attach them on to the band, let it dry and then wear!

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