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Spring Cleaning your Wardrobe

by Rhiannon Duffin 


We should all indulge in a good spring clean of our wardrobes. And yes, indulge is the right word. Clearing out, freshening up, and re-introducing yourselves to your forgotten favorites will make you feel like you’ve got a whole new wardrobe.  

This month, Rhiannon Duffin, creator of Life n Style (the blog that follows the seaside residing self-confessed fashionista on her daily adventures) shows us how to spring clean your wardrobe like a pro.


There is a moment we all dread, when we have a wardrobe full of clothes but can’t find anything to wear. Dressing should be easy and fun, not a daily source of stress. Spring cleaning your wardrobe is key to this. These essential tips will have you falling in love with your wardrobe and everything inside it all over again.



1.A free afternoon
2.Good hangers – to help with longevity of clothing.
3.Storage boxes – so you can put away holiday clothes and non-season items.
4.A long mirror – to reassess looks.
5.Bin bags – so you can collect the clothing that you no longer need, and have them ready for the charity shop.
6.An extra clothing rail – this will be for your ‘last chance’ items.
7.A friend – the process can be a long one!


Sort your items into three categories; keep, throw, and last chance. Take everything out. Yes, it’s got to be done I’m afraid. Take out each item, piece by piece, and ask yourself: Do I wear it? If yes, and it’s in good condition, put it in the keep pile. Easy.

Try doing this by type of clothing. You might find that you have 10 pairs of identical jeans for example. Only keep the clothes that make you look and feel great, and fit perfectly. The rest can go.

If no? Now this can be a harder one. Ask yourself honestly; does this still fit? Do I feel good when I wear it? Have I worn it this past year? If no, then don’t keep it, don’t let it creep back into your wardrobe. However, if you love that item and want to find a way to wear it, put it in ‘last chance’ pile.

Wardobe- Declutter
Bags Court shoes


So, before hanging your ‘kept’ items back into your wardrobe, consider if some are out of season? I would suggest putting these into a storage box allowing you more space to see clothing that you currently need. Then one by one, replace your items by putting jumpers together, followed by tops, skirts, trousers, jackets and then occasion wear. If you have the space, I would suggest hanging your coats in a separate place as they can be bulky and heavy.

Arrange each group in similar colours. For the belts, consider using a special accessory hanger so they hang well together. I personally like to see my handbags, so I place each one with the dust-bag inside to help keep the shape. For space, I stack heels on top of each other, and finally, I put my boots gathered together in similar colours.

The ‘last chance’ rail is a great place to give the clothing that you love their last chance to shine. If you don’t style these items within three months, then they have to go. It’s ruthless but essential when sorting your wardrobe.


A wardrobe cleanse is essential to helping you maintain a wardrobe that best fits you and, once you’ve sorted your wardrobe, you’ll be left only with the clothes you look great. It will give you a clearer perspective on what you’re working with, making it easier to choose outfits, whatever the occasion. And best of all, you’ll be able to make better choices when it comes to shopping and finding the pieces you need for the seasons ahead.


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