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The Art Of Wildflowers

The Wildflower Garden

by Sarah-Jayne Mercer

Art Of Wild Flowers leaves


Create your own bohemian wilderness in an instant (or almost an instant) with a garden brimming with the colours and scents of wildflowers. It’s time to have a summer filled with festival inspired days in the sun…

Wildflowers will not only bring beauty to a space, but they are also extremely important for a strong and healthy ecosystem; they maintain intricate eco systems, supporting hundreds of butterflies, bees, moths and many other species of wildlife.

So how better to boho your summer than by planting your very own wildflower garden? Here’s how…


Wildflower vases


1. Begin by cutting a standard wire wreath frame in half (this can be any size – we’ve gone for a 10 inch), creating a crescent shape that will be the base structure.

2. Choose a sunny location that has good drainage. If grass and weeds are growing there now, wildflowers will also flourish.

3. When sowing your seed choose a windless day, otherwise it could be difficult to control where your wildflower seeds settle. Seeds can be distributed directly on top of the soil and left, or covered with a light layer of topsoil.

4. Ensuring your newly-planted wildflower garden or meadow stays moist for the first 4 to 6 weeks will set it off to the best start.

5. Wetting the seed also keeps it from blowing away. Wildflowers grow naturally without a lot of care, but you need to water them periodically if conditions are especially dry.


Most wildflowers are annuals; they bloom quickly and heavily, drop their seeds, and die when the weather either gets too cold or harsh to live. Many are self-sowing and more plants will grow the next year from the seeds that were dropped the year before.

Poppies, cornflowers and cosmos are examples of wildflower annuals. These varieties would need to be sown by the end of April/ early May at the latest to provide a good Summer display, but do not worry if you miss the gap as Spring displays can be achieved by a later sowing in the Autumn.

If you wish for your displays to persist from year to year then the area must be tilled annually.

Wildflower table vase


Wildflowers will attract the bumblebee, providing essential nectar for them to feed from and will also attract Small Coppers, Common Blues, Marbled whites, Meadow browns and small skippers, amongst other creatures.

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