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The Art of | Wreath Making

Making a Modern Wreath

by Theodora Beckett

Author- Theo Beckett

Wreaths are usually reserved for Christmas, but with so many flowers springing up, what better opportunity to bring the outdoors in than with a beautiful homemade spring wreath? And just in time for Easter too!

 We’re loving the modern interpretations on the classic wreath – they’re beautifully simple and surprisingly easy to assemble.

Wreath Making


Floral wire
Wire cutters

1. Begin by cutting a standard wire wreath frame in half (this can be any size – we’ve gone for a 10 inch), creating a crescent shape that will be the base structure.


2. Start creating bunches of greenery using your base foliage (we’ve chosen eucalyptus). Lay the first bunch on the frame so that it hangs slightly over the top of the base and start circling the wire around both the frame and greenery to secure it.

3. Overlay a second bunch halfway below the first and continue wrapping with wire. You will repeat this process for half of the wreath, with all bunches facing the same direction.

4. To finish off the greenery, you will attach more bunches on the other end of the wreath, in the opposite direction. There will be a space in between the two different directions of stems—do not fill in.

5. Now start to embellish your wreath with your chosen flowers, securing them with wire onto the wreath base. When you’re happy with how it’s looking, stop – there is no rule of thumb, and your wreath style is totally up to you

6. Embellish the wreath with a loose bow. Tie the bow around the area of bare stems left between the greenery.

7. Next, hang the wreath by attaching a long piece of twine to both ends of the wreath frame.



Wreath Making









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