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Dewy Skin

Lucinda Worth

Lucinda Worth

MV Makeup Artist


Spring is finally upon us… Wait, hold that thought – switch the heating back on, winter’s back again! So is my dehydrated, dry skin caused by cold winds and warm radiators. If you’re like me and can’t wait for that natural springtime glow, don’t worry! Follow this step by step guide to get gorgeous, healthy, dewy skin.



Step 1. Clean Skin

Beautiful make-up always starts with a good skincare routine. The golden rule is to always remove make-up before bed, giving your face a chance to renew itself overnight. Exfoliating your skin of dead skin cells once or twice a week will ensure skin is smooth and will minimise pores for a more even skin tone. After cleansing, use a good moisturising product (serum, moisturiser or oil) suitable for your skin type. A great all-rounder is Drunk Elephant’s Luxury Virgin Marula Facial Oil which can be massaged into the skin to encourage blood flow (stimulating a natural flush) and lymphatic drainage, which reduces puffiness. Allow the moisturiser or oil to soak into the skin and then pat away any oily residue.

Step 2. Glow Primer

I love to use a cream highlighter before foundation. My favourite is MAC Strobe Cream – I apply a pea size amount across the cheeks and lightly dab onto under-eye circles or bags to give the appearance of a soft reflector underneath your foundation.

Step 3. The Basics

The key to fresh skin is to give the appearance of minimal product usage, so I prefer to use a light foundation like MAC Face and Body to create even, luminous skin. It’s a cult favourite amongst make-up artists as it’s buildable but also leaves you with a dewy finish. If you want to use products that you already have in your makeup bag, you can mix your normal foundation with your moisturiser, creating your own personalised tinted moisturiser!

Step 4. Conceal It

If you feel that you need more coverage, now is the time to conceal. Under the eyes I always use a creamy concealer like NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer which gives amazing coverage and also fills in lines due to its blendable texture. When covering spots, something slightly thicker like Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer is great as it clings onto the skin and doesn’t budge.

Step 5. Highlight & Contour

As we want to achieve fresh, dewy skin – a highlighter is your best friend. Highlighter sticks are great as they can be patted on to cheekbones, bridge of the nose and any of other points of the face that light would naturally hit. The highlight should be glowy (not glittery) and blended with fingertips rather than painted on. My favourites are NARS The Multiple Highlighter Stick and Glossier Haloscope Highlighter. Next, we ‘lightly’ contour (no Kim Kardashian stripes here). I use NARS Laguna Liquid Bronzer which can also be mixed in with your foundation if the colour isn’t quite dark enough. Using a soft stippling brush or angled powder brush, sweep over the cheeks, forehead, nose and jawline and blend, blend, blend!

Step 6. Blushing

Warmer weather means rosier cheeks, so use a liquid blush or cheek stain (NARS Liquid Blushes and The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stains are my go to products). Tap onto the apple of your cheeks using your finger tips and with the same brush that you used for your bronzer, lightly sweep the colour in a circular motion up towards the temples.

Step 7. Eye, Eye

Whether you’re blessed with lashes as voluminous as Elizabeth Taylor (she famously had twinset lashes) or have a few short stubby hairs, invest in an eyelash curler (and rid yourself of the curler fear!). Curled lashes instantly open the eye, making you look awake and alert. Even if you don’t like to wear mascara day to day, just curling your lashes will instantly dramatise a no makeup look. A great tip for holding the curl or for anyone that’s a victim of the dreaded panda eye, use a waterproof mascara. Whether it’s a cheaper or luxury brand, a waterproof mascara will prevent moisture from causing the curl to drop and will stop dark circles in their tracks!

Step 8. Those Brows

A fresh face means soft brows. To achieve this, simply brush your brows upwards using a clear mascara or brow gel. My favourite cheap and cheerful product is Collection Colour Clear Mascara and an added makeup artist tip is to use hairspray on a clean mascara wand or soft toothbrush to brush and hold your brows. Any bald spots, fill in with powder or a pencil.

Step 9. Give Them Lip

An easy way to create the appearance of plump, hydrated lips is to mix your daily lip balm in with your favourite lip colour giving either a stained, just kissed lip if using plums and reds or a more even lip tone if using nudes and pinks.



To complete your fresh spring glow, use a translucent or blotting powder to lightly press into the t-zone and under the eyes to set your concealer, leaving you with gorgeous, healthy, dewy skin, come rain or shine!


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