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Beauty School | Senses of Hygge

Senses of Hygge

Hygge is a way of living by paying tribute to the small, simple things in life which bring us pleasure, such as finding appreciation in our own company and crafting out quality ‘me-time’. To elevate your ‘hyggified’ me-time try incorporating calming natural scents, made of invigorating, restorative and calming ingredients, into your everyday rituals.


Hygge Spray



Surrender and release your cares.

Not only is Lavender beautiful to look at, it has been known for its soothing and calming properties. Aiding in restful sleep, the oil helps eliminate nervous tension, relieve pain and enhance blood circulation. We recommend spraying this over your bed linen and pillow before bundling up with a good read and cup of hot chocolate.



Return to your centre and experience reality as it is.

Grapefruit has incredible uplifting properties. One whiff of the fresh, zesty scent and your senses are elevated. Apart from uplifting any mood, the oil can ease muscle tension, has anti-bacterial properties and can help strengthen hair growth. Create an invigorating bath ritual by spray this on the steaming bath water along with bath salts, bath brush and towel.



Revitalises the spirit.

Peppermint containing menthol is incredibly cooling and refreshing, which helps dispel fatigue, lethargy and dullness. For a rejuvenating pick-me-up, spray this scent around your yoga mat when practising your morning meditation or mindfulness practice. Don’t forget mint is amazing popped into a bottle of water too!

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