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Beauty School | The Iconic Red Lips

The Iconic Red Lips

Nothing says icon like a signature red lip, gracing the lips of everyone from Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Arden to today’s leading ladies, the crimson pout is a timeless classic. Make-up artist Lisa Valencia talks us through her favourite look for the season.



There’s so many ways to wear a red lip so don’t get bombarded with what hue you’ll need. Stressing about what undertones suit your complexion will spoil the fun of experimenting with a bold colour – you will know instantly if a red lip suits you!

If you’re a bit nervous try mixing a ruby shade with your lip balm so you get a nice stain or if you want a slightly more dramatic look you could apply a crimson lip and gently tissue it off. I love to put a little bit on my finger and dab it on to get a really subtle red lip that goes with every outfit.

Another thing I love is the matte lip which is massive this season. They come in a liquid formula and you apply them like a gloss but they dry matte and last all day. It’s the kind of product I use when I’m getting somebody ready for a red carpet.

The best tip I can give to someone who is daring to be different this season is; don’t be afraid, enjoy your red lip and I know you’ll look fabulous.


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