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Winter Skin

Winter Skin

by Charlotte Connoley 

Author- Charlotte Connoley

Former supermodel and celebrity facialist Charlotte Connoley joins us with top tips on keeping your skin healthy and hydrated through the winter.

When the cold weather really descends your skin can suffer; cold winds, icy air and central heating are just a few of the culprits. Charlotte Connoley asks some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to protecting your skin.


Would you recommend switching to a different moisturiser in winter?

During the summer months I tend to go for lighter moisturisers, but in autumn and winter I always reach for a thicker, oil based moisturiser in the evening, just because you need that extra barrier against the wind and the cold.

A facial oil is another great option, to be used alongside your usual moisturiser, or even by itself.

You also still want to use something that has an SPF in it because although it’s not as harsh, the winter sun’s rays are still there.

Are there any particular facial oils you would use in Winter?

When it comes to oil, less is more. Use a few drops and massage over your entire face: start in the middle of the face, working upwards and outwards to really get the blood pumping to the muscles of the face to boost circulation and get skin glowing. Use it on its own or with your usual moisturiser for that extra burst of moisture.

The Sanctuary Spa’s Therapist’s Secret Facial Oil, and Caudalie’s Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil are both great oils for drier skin. Rosehip oil is a key ingredient to look out for.


Winter Skin


Remember, you might have dehydrated skin, even if you feel oily.

Would you recommend exfoliation in winter?

I would recommend a glycolic exfoliator through the Autumn and Winter months, avoiding rougher scrubs that can irritate sensitised skin.

What one change in my skincare routine will make a difference in winter?

If you find you can only make one change that you will stick to, make it either switching to an oil-based moisturiser or including a facial oil in your routine. That extra layer of protection will make all the difference.


Charlotte Connoley is a former supermodel turned top facialist and skincare expert. Some of her clients include Millie Mackintosh and Rosie Huntington- Whitely. Charlotte specialises in facials, face and body massage, and lymphatic drainage.

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