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Book Club | Books For Your Journey

Books For Your Journey

We love to travel, and there’s no companion better than a great read. We’ve rounded up our best collection of books to accompany you on your adventure….


On The Road
Jack Kerouac

An undisputable classic, Kerouac seamlessly combines fiction and non-fiction to create a story that ruthlessly explores personal freedom and questions the ‘American Dream.’ Sal Paradise is thrilled to accompany his hero Dean Moriarty on an exhilarating trip across the United States; from jazz to new experiences, their quest to find themselves makes for a poignant tale. Although no single event fuels the narrative, there’s a certain magic and poetry in the words that connects you directly to the 1950s Beat culture.

Publisher: Penguin Classics


The Beach
Alex Garland

If you want to become emotionally invested in a character’s journey and fancy transporting your imagination to the exotic shores of Thailand, this travel classic deserves a place on your adventure. Richard, an American backpacker who discovers the whereabouts of a stunning beach, isolated from society. Fiercely protected by a tiny community, they resent newcomers yet welcome Richard after his charm wins them over. However, he foolishly leaves a map behind on the mainland. A gripping story full of tension, betrayal and self-discovery, this will leave you inquisitive and pensive – an absolute must-read.

Publisher: Penguin


Cheryl Strayed

A heart-warming tale that plunges you into a narrative about love and grief, Wild is a gem of a read. 26-year-old Cheryl is distraught; her mother has suddenly died and her marriage has crumbled. Determined to escape, she heads over to the West Coast of America and walks 1100 miles alone. Gaining clarity, perspective and strength, Cheryl learns an incredible amount about herself, as well as regaining her life one step at a time. Also now a film starring Reese Witherspoon, this is an emotional read, that is well worth the occasional tear.

Publisher: Atlantic Books


Restless Souls
Dan Sheehan

Set between Dublin, Sarajevo and the American West Coast, this new release tells the story of Tom, a war correspondent who is suffering from PSTD. After being persuaded by his friends, they embark on a journey to a Californian clinic (Restless Souls). Filled with hilarity, tragedy and complications, this touching book delves into the indissoluble bonds of friendship and what it means to come home.

Publisher: Orion


Kate McNaughton

Spoiler: this story ends on page 12. When Eva wakes up next to her husband Adam, he isn’t breathing and her world is destroyed. However, in the aftermath, she discovers parts of her husband’s life she didn’t know existed. Ranging across the world, from the rubble of European history to wars of the 21st century, this narrative is laced with raw emotion, wit and ultimately is an exceptional exploration of grief.

Publisher: Penguin

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