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Scary Reads

By Theo Beckett

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Shorter days, longer nights, rain, mist and, of course, Halloween. This is October, the month of ghouls, ghosts and horror stories.

We’ve found some of the best thrillers out there to get you in the spirit…

the girl on the train


By Paula Hawkins

It’s something we’ve all done; stared out the train window at the gardens we pass and imagine the lives of the people we see. Rachel finds solace in those lives, while her own reality has seemingly fallen apart.

You are thrown in all different directions trying to decide who’s guilty and who’s innocent… 

Drunk, unemployed and heartbroken, she busies herself with their business. And when the women she enjoys watching the most goes missing, it could be the finer details that Rachel has witnessed that could help solve the mystery.

Written from the point of view of all 3 female protagonists, TGOTT was so easy to read and very hard to put down. The relatable nature of this book was my favourite aspect, Hawkins really knows how women think and you are thrown in all different directions trying to decided who’s guilty and who’s innocent in this exciting psychological thriller.


By Katerina Diamond

Bridget Reid has a secret, but locked in a basement bedroom she can’t tell anyone, even if she wanted to. Whilst Bridget is locked away, unable to communicate with anyone, DS Imogen Grey and DS Adrian Miles are working hard to find her.

A dark twisting novel that won’t fail to captivate.

As you read on you slowly realise a terrifying web of abuse, betrayal and murder whilst the characters realise that some secrets are better left buried.

A dark and twisting novel that won’t fail to captivate. Focusing on the darkness of troubled detective DS Imogen Grey the story exposes the disintegration of lives into crime and depravity.

the secret
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