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How to care for outerwear & tailoring

From staple winter coats to smart tailoring that transcends seasons, we pride ourselves in designing true investment pieces that can be easily mixed and matched to stand the test of time. Caring for them well is the key to keep them looking their best for years to come, read our top tips and advice below.


Dry clean

The reason we label most of our outerwear and tailoring as ‘dry clean only’ is because of how tricky it is to re-press the garment back to its original form after washing – fabrics like Lyocell are also very easy to glaze in this way.

But remember, a little goes a long way with washing – coats & jackets don’t need to be cleaned very often. To make things easy, we’ve partnered with Johnsons Cleaners to offer you 10% off all their treatments. All you need to do is quote ‘Mint Velvet’ at one of their 200 branches nationwide – find a location near you here.

Wool and pilling

Wool is also a fibre we love to use for coats – it has wonderful natural properties, but a tendency to pill is unfortunately one of them. We test all wool-blend fabrics we use before we order and produce our garments to ensure we keep it to a very low level.

Faux fur and long pile fabrics

For garments made of faux fur or long pile (fluffy) fabrics, make sure you store them on a hanger in between wears, with plenty of space around the garment so that the delicate fabric (and especially the collar area) doesn’t get crushed.

Down and feathers

We have now moved away from using down and feather padding for our coats and jackets, and our new polyester fill/wadding can generally be machine washed (separately for best results). Always check the care label as some of our garments have delicate trims that might require a different cleaning method.

We try to make most of our trousers machine washable by selecting hard-wearing fabrics, but where they coordinate with a jacket, we recommend dry cleaning both together to maintain their appearance.

We label linen trousers as ‘dry clean only’ – other cleaning methods are a lot more likely to cause shrinkage, and make them hard to press back to their original appearance.

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