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How To | DIY Christmas Crackers

DIY Christmas Crackers

When it comes to the Christmas season we’re all about crafts, and there’s nothing better than getting the whole family stuck in to an artsy festive project. Marble has been huge this year; interior design, coasters, phone cases to name a few, so why not on Christmas crackers too?

Here are our easy steps to make your effortlessly glamorous marble Christmas crackers:


Helen Archard

Helen Archard


What you need:

Cracker template

Craft cardboard or thick paper

Cream or white paper


Cutting mat

Scalpel or Cutting knife


Shallow baking tray

Warm water

Pyrex jug

Tissue paper or felt to make a hat

Various colours of nail polishes

Craft glue or double sided tape

Gifts for inside cracker


The process:

1. Pour warm water into a large baking tray. Fill about 2 inches with the water at room temperature.
2. Using old nail polish, pour and swirl the polish into the tray of water using a mix of different colours for the best effect.
3. Lay a sheet of card/thick paper onto the water and leave for 10 seconds.
4. Remove the sheet and lay your marbled effect paper to dry.

The Cracker:

5. Once your marbled paper has dried, trace your cracker template onto the plain side of the card.
6. Remove the diamond shapes using either a scalpel or cutting knife on a cutting mat.
7. Fold the ‘diamond’ section of the cracker in half so that it bends inwards into a mountain on the inner side of your cracker.
8. Next, simply stick a snapper in the centre of your cracker using either glue or double sided tape.
9. Fill your cracker with a hat, toys, sweets, confetti, party games, and the obligatory joke.
10. Roll into a tube shape and tape your cracker together.
11. Finish off your cracker with a velvet ribbon at either end.

Place on each side plate and see your guest’s amazement that these were handmade!


DIY Crackers
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