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Puffa Coat

Puffa Coat

by Beth Francis

Author- Beth Francis

The humble puffa jacket returns to our wardrobes this winter, and I for one can’t wait to get into this trend.  As one of those people who is always cold, I struggle to stay warm in the winter, and often feel flustered just at the thought of layering endlessly to keep the cold out.


When I slipped this puffa jacket on, I was instantly snug

It’s full of feathers so it’s just like wearing a stylish duvet, and I won’t need to quadruple up my layers.  Plus, there’s something decidedly less drab about embracing a lighter shade for the winter – white feels fresh and will break up the sea of heavy black coats on the commuter run.  I’ll be pairing mine with soft head-to-toe greys and winter white jeans.  It’ll look great with navy stripes and indigo jeans too.  Trainers will keep this jacket looking decidedly cool and sports like.



Winter White Padded Coat
Grey Alice Plimsoll
Darby Ecru Biker Skinny Jeans
Grey Padded Coat

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