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Denim Care

Denim Care

by Theodora Beckett

Theo Beckett

With denim, less is more – when it comes to washing anyway. Pop them in the machine as irregularly as possible; this will help retain their shape and colour so they continue to look and feel great year after year.

Always wash with the top button done up. Again, this is essential in maintaining a great shape and fit.

Always use a liquid detergent and not much fabric conditioner; this will help to prevent the fibres in your denim from breaking down and will maintain a better fit for longer.

Wash at a maximum of 30 degrees and always on a gentle cycle.

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Denim Pocket Contents
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Denim Colours


Never, ever, tumble dry your jeans. The heat and dryness is a foe not a friend when it comes to denim, and will eat away at the material fibres.

Wherever possible hang your jeans and let them air dry – storing them like this is also a good idea and will help to maintain shape and fit, whilst keeping them wrinkle free.

If you do need to fold them, ensure that the zip and button are both done up and you fold the legs over twice so you can see the rear pocket.

Always empty your pockets before storing them away. This will help avoid discolouration, creasing and distortion.

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