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Out with the Old

by Sally Nash

This month our health and nutrition guru from Absorb Harmony, joins us with top tips and simple tricks to getting back into work mode.

For children every year, September marks the end of the summer holidays and time to return to school. Year after year, children are expected to adapt quickly and quietly to the changes that a new school year often brings, including a new teacher, new challenges and perhaps even new friends.

However, as adults, change is often becoming uncomfortable – habitual behaviour creeps in and daily routines often support our sense of security. Nevertheless, some of the habits and routines we may have adopted over the years could be detrimental to our health and wellbeing and perhaps even holding us back from fulfilling our full potential.

Step 1:
Pause and relax

Take a moment away from all distractions to think purely about you, your frustrations, your dreams and your current situation. The first step in making a change is becoming aware of what it is you want to change. Through being open, you can identify what are the most important things to you. Choose 1 or 2 small changes that you want to make and write them down to commit to them.

Step 2:

It does not only take willpower and commitment to change a lifestyle choice. It is repetition of an action that builds a new habit. In order to ensure that you practice your new habit regularly, it is advisable to find a trigger already in your daily routine to remind you to perform your new action.

For example: if you want to spend 5-10 minutes meditating each morning, identify an area where it is possible to find this time; perhaps on your commute to work, or directly after making your morning drink, whilst it cools down.

It has been shown that by attaching a new desired habit to an already automated one may reap more success.



Step 3:

It is always important to celebrate our successes and by adopting new positive lifestyle choices, we will naturally see the benefits in our health, energy and happiness. In addition to this though, children respond well to reward charts and schemes, so maybe set one up for yourself; Perhaps a 3 month lifestyle change – a massage, dinner with a friend, glass of champagne or even a new bag.

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