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MBS- 10 Minutes to a Happy heathy body

10 Minutes Workout 

by Ashleigh Wilson

Autyhor- Ashleigh Wilson

Professional Ballet dancer and Personal Trainer, Ashleigh Wilson, joins us with top tips and simple exercises that will kick-start our bodies and keep us feeling fresh. And it only takes 10 minutes each day.

Just 10 minutes every day can be transformative, laying the foundations for a strong and healthy body. Here is a kick start workout to build muscles from the inside, out. It’s challenging, quick and elegant, and the best thing? You can do it anytime, anywhere.

Equipment needed: Yoga mat, Timer | Workout length: 10 minutes | Workout Type: BALLET HIIT | Workout Area: Full body

Perform each exercise below continuously for 50 seconds with 10 seconds to change to the next one.

This is a total of 1 minute per exercise and aim to perform 3 rounds of the exercises, rotating back to number 1 when you’ve finished the third.

Afterwards, remember to take a minute or two to reward yourself by stretching anything that’s feeling tight.

Happpy and Healthy Body

Opposite Arabesques circles.


From a perfectly aligned table top position with wrists under shoulders and knees under hips, extend the opposite arm and leg in a straight line off the ground. Circle the arm and leg the same way in coordination with one another and then swap over to perform with the other side.

Obliques in second plié.


Find your best second plié, the knees must point over the middle toe and not collapse forward. Frame your arms around your face and hold that relationship as you curve from side to side, engaging your waist.

 Plank arabesques.


Build a gorgeously straight and lengthened plank, your hips should not sag or be raised higher than the shoulders. Take your time to lift one leg in a long arabesque line behind you and then repeat with the other leg after a moment in plank.

A few things to keep in mind….

  1. Imagine your body lengthening as you perform every exercise you do. Always expand the spine as you work, land softly when you jump and be efficient with your movement.
  2. Chaotic and extreme workouts can lead to injury and don’t give you the opportunity to access the weaker muscles.
  3. To avoid building big, bulky muscles, try to switch off the over-powering muscles at the front of the arms and legs and focus your energy on activating the muscles you wouldn’t usually use. These are usually the muscles of the back and the backs of the arms and legs.
  4. Focus on your stretching game. This prevents you from cramping up and feeling stiff the day after. Start well and you will contribute to your goals for a long, strong and beautifully balanced body throughout the year.
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