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Sian Pilkington

Sian Pilkington



Digital Editor of Women’s Health, Amy Hopkinson, lives and breathes wellness. She is a personal trainer, a wellness award winner and key name on the London fitness scene. With her daily mantra being ‘Eat, sweat, social, repeat’ we caught up with Amy to talk about how she stays energised on even the toughest of days.


Amy Hopkinson


Amy shares her top five tips on staying energised…

1. Manage Your Stress

There is nothing worse than having a stressful day and your energy levels constantly fluctuating. My advice would be, if you can, take yourself out of the situation, take a step back and let your cortisol levels drop and you’ll find that you’ll feel more energised.

2. Eat Well

Eating well but that goes hand in hand with understanding your stresses and managing your stress levels. I know from past experience when I am super stressed I make poor food choices, either from trying to eat my emotions or just out of convenience. I reach for foods that give me instant energy which are always high in sugar but when you take these kind of foods out and eat more whole foods you don’t go through the highs and lows of sugar dips.

3. Find your own stress relief

I either do two things when I’m stressed after a hard day, I either go to yoga or have a vodka tonic with my boyfriend or friends. Find your stress relief and go with it.


On the beach


4. Child’s Play

I always think back to being a child and those times where I was playing with friends, laughing, joking and so carefree. Do something that makes you genuinely happy, that could be playing a board game, watching the Gilmore Girls (I do that a lot) or going for a bike ride with a friend, find your ‘thing’ and don’t feel embarrassed or awkward about it, just do it because it makes you laugh.

5. Breathing

These days I feel there’s quite a lot of pressure to meditate, whereas you can get the same amount of energy from just sitting and taking some deep breaths. Meditating is fantastic and has so much scientific research behind it. It’s easy to get to our mat and want to be instantly brilliant at it as soon as we sit down and if we’re not we think that we’ve failed. But just like anything in life you have to train your brain to be good at it, you’d have to train your body to run a marathon and it’s the exact same with meditation. Every morning I take the time to sit down and breathe for as long as my mind allows me too, this really gives me an energy boost to start the day.

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