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Christmas Madness

A Christmas Escape

by Sally Nash

Author- Sally Nash

This month Sally Nash, an expert in all things health, wellbeing and nutrition, has joined us from Absorb Harmony. She broaches the subject of Christmas and why taking a step back is the best way forward.

This year rather than letting the festive season pass us by, leaving us empty and frazzled, let us try and re-engage with the entire period and allow ourselves to enjoy and celebrate some of the more simple, magical moments it has to offer.

Whilst I don’t believe in a red suited man descending down my chimney, I do believe that there is something precious in having a designated period every year where we can reflect on and celebrate our own fortunes, whilst also contemplating about, and sharing with those around us.

The commercialism of Christmas enters into the shops as early as September, and the pressure to consume and provide the perfect day continues to build over the next couple of months.

‘Tis the season to be jolly,’ apparently! Yet so often we find ourselves stressed out, unhappy and exhausted by the time Christmas day finally comes along. The build up to the big day itself is usually frantic and often we are dismantling the tree before we have even had the time to sit down and enjoy it!

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A great way to enliven the senses is by bringing some of the scents of the season into your home. The aromatic pine of the Christmas tree, the fragrant spices of mulled wine or apple punch, simple decorations of cinnamon sticks or citrus fruits studded with cloves. Regularly stop to breathe in these aromas, allowing yourself time to pause and settle into the here and now.

Whilst wrapping presents or writing cards, take the time to create a relaxed atmosphere, switch off from technology and enjoy listening to some Christmas music.

And finally, Christmas Day and Boxing Day are often filled with family commitments that in principal should be a time to come together in celebration. However, many families often find these precious moments filled with tension, arguments and family politics. Try to enter your Christmas engagements this year without expectation or judgement but with an open heart and the knowledge that each moment is new and has never been experienced before. Take time to listen, pause before speaking and perhaps we will all have a very merry Christmas.

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