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Virtual or Reality

with Sally Nash

Author- Sally Nash

This month Sally Nash, our health and nutrition expert from Absorb Harmony, talks technology – the pro’s, con’s and a few ways we can find a balance.


I am fortunate enough to have just returned from Greece and feel refreshed and enlivened by the entire experience; the warm crystal clear sea water, the vitamin D rich sun, the simple unspoilt nutritious foods and most importantly, the warmth and generosity of the local people. Time seemed to slow down as my senses absorbed new sensations from moment to moment.

Granted, I was on holiday and so obviously a little more relaxed than normal, but more importantly, at all times, I was both physically and mentally present. If in fact, I had been cocooned in a room all week watching images of the most beautiful beaches on earth whilst eating tropical foods, it, of course, wouldn’t have had the same effect on me. Seems obvious, yet every day we live so much of our lives virtually, wondering where time goes and often leaving us with a sense of emptiness.

The wonders of the virtual world which technology and the internet have given us, are without doubt truly amazing, allowing us to have access and communication beyond our immediate and wider social circles. Technology enables us to keep up to the minute with current affairs; reach out to communities worldwide; view events that we would not be able to see otherwise; keep in touch with family and loved ones and locate and reconnect with old acquaintances.

However, for all the greatness of this, the constant distraction of being bombarded and updated with information can often have a negative effect on how we feel and act in our real lives.

Virtual vs Reality

Social media platforms are a great example; we can have countless numbers of ‘friends’, many of who ‘like’ or give approval of the things we do. However, we can be left feeling excluded and inadequate.  Furthermore, following friends’ life events online does not create the same inner glow that comes from the laughter and tears we may share over a drink or a meal.

Make it your mission this summer to truly marry the benefits of virtual and real life, energising you and those around you.

1.Find out about upcoming local events and share it with friends via social media to create an opportunity to meet up.

2.Think before always texting and perhaps make the time for a phone call instead.

3.Turn off any push notifications on your phone, so you can focus 100% on what you are doing in the moment.




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