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Mind Body Soul | How to Relax

Mind, Body & Soul
How to Relax

by Marissa Whittle

Author- Marissa Whittle

We all know it is hard to slow down and often need guidance on easy practices we could incorporate in our lives to enable relaxation. What better teacher than Thich Nhat Hanah the modern day Zen Master, peace activist and Buddhist monk.

Relax with a hot drink
Relax with a good book

His story and journey are incredibly inspirational and we couldn’t help but pick up one of his books, How to Relax which explores the foundations of mindfulness, controlling stress and being passionately present in the now. It is food for the soul!

When reading this little pocket guide of wisdom, we picked up two practices that were indeed Ah-ha moments for our team.

Lazy Day Book

Have a lazy day

We all have scheduled lives and incredibly full calendars, but where are our lazy days? A day without schedule, that unfolds naturally. It is a day for us to look more deeply at our practice and at our relations with others. Doing nothing is not a waste of time, as Thich says “Your time is first of all for you to be alive at peace”.

Let Go of Worry

We seem to worry about what will happen in the future, Thich teaches that to escape being victims of our worries, we need to train ourselves to come back to the present moment, to the body and breathe, to not get caught in the past or project into the future. Learning how to acknowledge how you feel and what is happening around you is the first step to cultivate confidence.

This book guides us in achieving deep relaxation, controlling stress, and renewing mental clarity. With sections on healing, relief from non-stop thinking, transforming unpleasant sounds, solitude, and more, How to Relax will help you achieve the benefits of relaxation no matter where you are.

This is the perfect gift if you want a simple guide to achieving relaxation, whether you regularly meditate or just want simple steps to add relaxation into your daily life.

With this pocket sized book in your handbag whether at work, train or home; relaxation is just within arm’s reach.



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