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It seems like only yesterday that it was the beginning of the year and we were making plans to make this the best one yet. Fast forward to November and we’re wondering where all the time has gone?! What happened to all of those Pilates classes we were going to attend, the meditation routine we were going to start, and that business idea we were finally going to get off the ground?

We’ve discovered a simple habit that you can adopt now to help you get the most out of these last two months of the year, and beyond.


Mint Velvet Journaling


Here’s why you should pick up this practice of journaling now.

1. It will make you grateful

When you end each day by reminding yourself what you’re grateful for, you get perspective. Often, reflecting in this way reminds you that things are not as bad as you might have previously thought.

2. It will help you get a good night’s sleep

By creating a routine around your journaling habit, you’ll be starting a wind-down ritual that will tell your body it’s time for a restful sleep. Being grateful also stops unnecessary worrying so you’ll be able to easily drift off to sleep.

3. It will make you more creative

Instead of lying in bed scrolling through Instagram or other distractions, encourage intellectual and creative flow by being alone with your thoughts, and writing them down, unfiltered.

4. It will make you more organised

Do you often lie awake at night or first thing in the morning going over your to-do lists and making mental reminders? Imagine how much more organised you would be if you wrote them down and planned them out properly.

5. It will keep you focused

When you start your day journaling, you are able to set your tone for the rest of the day. Would you like to be calm, energised or kind today? Writing it down will solidify your intention and keep you focused.


Mint velvet Writing


Not sure exactly how to start? No need to be a blogger or copywriter by profession, simply buy a notebook of your liking and trusty pen and create a comfortable space in your home for quiet reflection.

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