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Mint Velvet Mobile Free Travel

Mobile Free Travel

by Marissa Whittle

Marissa Whittle

Mobile phones are fantastic forms of keeping in touch with loved ones far and wide, but very often our ‘screens’ can distract us what is right in front of us.

According to Adam Alter author of Irresistible, the time we spend in front of our screens has affected our personal time (the time that makes us individuals) to such an extent that, in less the over 10 years, this time has reduced to little over 3 hours.

Mobile Free Travel Mint Velvet

As we get older, this precious time is what we refer too when evaluating how meaningful our lives have been. We do need to ask ourselves how enriching is the time we spend on our screens?

“The way we use [our screen] is a lot like driving down a really fast, long road, and you’re in a car where the accelerator is mashed to the floor, it’s hard to reach the brake pedal. You’ve got a choice. You can either glide by, the beautiful ocean scenes and take snaps out the window or you can go out of your way to move the car to the side of the road, to push that brake pedal, take off your shoes and socks, take a couple of steps onto the sand, feel what the sand feels like under your feet, walk to the ocean, and let the ocean lap at your ankles.”



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Photo taking

For this upcoming Bank Holiday, we say rather OPT OUT of screens and OPT IN to more traditional alternatives.
We’ve run down a few ‘swap outs’ our team will be giving a go:

For Travel

OPT- IN to printed tickets

We find printed travel tickets exciting…. Flash back to the good old days where we would hold these tightly while queuing up at check-in, handing out to all the family and then referring to them as we negotiated our way finding our seats.


For Relaxation

OPT- IN to a paperback

There is nothing that gets us giddier than a great read. eBooks are handy but we are inclined to choose the good old printed version… the smell of the fresh pages, the arch of the spine and those battered edges. Why not when finished with your book leave it on your seat with a note to whoever finds it. Spread the love!

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OPT- IN to a camera

Bliss is taking a photo with an old-school film camera and waiting a few weeks to develop the image… to wait in anticipation. If you prefer digital, great, these are just as good. We really do believe the thrill of travel comes with gazing through the lens and capturing a moment in time, hitting a touch screen, just doesn’t feel the same.

“Your life will be richer and more meaningful because you breathe in that experience, and because you’ve left your phone in the car.”


OPT- IN to a large map

Unravelling a large map can be daunting, they are often difficult to interpret, especially when you are a little unsure of where you are. It is so easy to open an APP, locate yourself and where you want to go, hit the fastest route and you there! Maps though, make you feel great.

In the words of Time Moore:

“With a map, you’re not just the master – you’re the very Emperor of your own destiny.”

So why not give it a go? Opt Out this Bank Holiday.

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