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Stretching and Relaxing

by Ashleigh Wilson

Ashleigh Wilson

This month Ashleigh Wilson  joins us with four of the best before-bed stretches.

If you’ve been looking for a soothing, tension-releasing full body stretch to cool down and prepare your mind, body & soul for a restful night’s sleep, look no further. And the best thing about this routine? It will only take about 2 minutes of your time and requires nothing more than a little patch of ground.

Make this a daily habit and you will enjoy looser shoulders, a resilient lower back and longer hamstrings, not to mention an effective, restorative, cosy night’s sleep.

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You need to be holding the 4 stretches for at least 30 seconds, but longer if possible. My advice is to time this at first, but you’ll soon get the hang of it.

Get the most out of the routine by picking your favourite, soothing song, lighting a scented candle and keep going until the song finishes.

2 minute Stretch Flow Series

  1. Shoulder opening
  2. Back extensor release
  3. Glute/Back Stretch
  4. Hamstring Fold


Take your time, breathe deeply, bring your attention inward and enjoy. Easy as that!

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