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Mind Body Soul Exercise

Summer Exercise

by Ashleigh Wilson             

Author-Ashleigh Wilson

Ashleigh Wilson professional ballet dancer and personal trainer has put together a short and snappy 12 minute workout – the perfect holiday routine, to be fitted in around sunbathing and pina-coladas.


First of all, what is ballet HIIT?

Ballet HIIT incorporates fat-burning High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with the elegant, strengthening and posture-correcting principles of classical ballet.

TIME: 12 minutes

EQUIPMENT: Timer & Yoga mat or towel (this can be performed anywhere!)

HOW TO: Perform each of the following exercises for 50 seconds, with 10 seconds to change to the next position – this is a total of 1 minute per exercise. Complete these four exercises a total of three times, rotating back to number 1 when you’ve finished the last.


  1. Side laterals with arms in 5th position
  2. Lunge twists with Port de Bras
  3. Lower ab attack
  4. Balance, posture and coordination arabesques


TIPS: Always imagine you have Chandelier earnings on. Work with the shoulders pressing away from the ears. Engage your core at all times, press the belly button to the spine. Breathe and expand your body as you work in order to build long, strong, flexible muscles.


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