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This season we shot our new winter collection against the colourful backdrop of Copenhagen. Whether it’s fashion, interiors or food, the Danes get the balance of cool and desirable just right.  Here’s our guide of what to do when visiting Copenhagen and some highlights from Danish blogging duo To The Moon Honey.

Our top picks for a Weekend in Copenhagen


Indre By, København, Denmark

When you think of Copenhagen’s beautiful colourful houses on the pier, you’re thinking of Nyhavn, the beautiful 17th-century waterfront, canal and entertainment district It’s a must to wander along with your coffee and cinnamon bun.

Tivoli Gardens

Vesterbrogade 3, 1630
København V, Denmark

These amusement and pleasure gardens are in the middle of Copenhagen. Opened in the 1800s, they’re one of the oldest amusement parks in the world!.


Store Strandstræde 16, 1255
København, Denmark

This café and dessert bar has great coffee and the most delicious-looking cakes and cinnamon buns.


Århusgade 138A, 2150
København, Denmark

This interiors, homewares and gifts shop features sustainable pieces with a story, such as ceramics from Morocco.


Viktoriagade 8 B-C, 1655
København, Denmark

Mikkeller is the most stylish beer bar we’ve ever seen! Ideal for beer lovers, they serve locally-brewed draft beers in a stylish Scandinavian minimalist bar.

While in Copenhagen, we caught up with Danish natives and influencer duo, To The Moon Honey. Bea and Liv told us about their motherhood platform and what they love about Copenhagen.

Tell us about To The MoonTo The Moon is a website where all aspects of motherhood are portrayed – the vulnerable parts as well as the happiest. We also offer trusted advice from some of the best experts, for pregnant women, mothers and conscious parents.

How did you come up with idea for To The Moon?Originally we knew each other from work – we were both beauty directors at competitive fashion magazines. We became pregnant at the same time and ended up giving birth on the same day – from there on our friendship kind of evolved. We were suddenly on the same page, searching for information and inspiration about being a mother, and not finding it anywhere. During a week together with our 9-months-old babies, in New York, we began to talk about the idea… We launched To The Moon Honey exactly one year later.

What do you love about Copenhagen?Copenhagen is a charming fairy tale city – there is so much history, great museums, beautiful buildings and last but not least so many good places to eat! You can walk or bike everywhere which is also very nice.

How would you describe Danish style?We always hear that people think Danish women are very stylish and we think they look good as well. It’s a fine line between being practical but at the same time looking chic.

How do you juggle your career and being mums?One of the first things we decided, when founding To The Moon Honey, was to make space for having small kids. We leave the office around 3pm to pick up our kids. Then we connect again over email or phones, after the kids have gone to sleep at night.
It works.

Describe yourselves in three wordsBea: “I would describe Liv as funny, clever – and just lovely.”

Liv: “I would describe Bea as hardworking, calm and very empathetic.”

Best piece of life advice you’ve ever been givenTo be present where you are – especially with your children – and especially in this modern world where it’s so easy to be many places at once. We both have memories from our childhood where our parents were always present when they were with us. Today the attachment theory is one of the most consolidated theories we have and we know that this is fundamental for children.


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