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The Marine Conservation Society

The Marine Conservation Society is on a mission to save our seas. Here’s how we can all get involved…

Climate emergency is rightfully now at the forefront of most of our minds, and the brutal impact it is having on our beautiful oceans and seas is all too apparent. We are proud partners of The Marine Conservation Society, a charity dedicated to securing a sustainable future for our seas. Their work has focused on safeguarding certain species of wildlife, solving sewage problems and taking to the beaches in droves to tackle marine litter at source. The MCS has also been instrumental in encouraging the government and industry to take the necessary steps towards protecting our waters.

The MCS is made up of a network of scientists, researchers, divers, fundraisers and all-important volunteers who work tirelessly on both reparative and preventative strategies to save the oceans. Here’s how you can help:

Turn up en masse at the beach, roll up your sleeves and pick up as much litter as you can muster. Job satisfaction doesn’t get better than this. Join a beach clean or set up your own here.

Avoid single use plastics – the MCS has a pledge you can sign up to receive helpful tips and tricks to keep you on track. Had a slip-up? Donate your guilt here

Join the MCS’s national volunteer programme as a Sea Champion and lend your much-needed support on the frontline at fundraising events, local talks, MCS HQ and more.

Get clued up on smart seafood options. Opt for sustainably sourced fish that are in season, and steer clear of red rated sea food. If in doubt, read the MCS Good Fish Guide for more information.

We’ve designed a collection of beautiful bracelets, with all profits from these pieces donated to the Marine Conservation Society. Finished in either 18k gold or sterling silver, choose from an infinity symbol, a shell or a knot design.



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