What makes MV denim unique? Why do we try on every single pair of jeans we make? Our in-house denim experts share their knowledge and show us what it takes to make each pair of jeans look and feel amazing.

New shapes will come in inspired by the latest trends, but we don’t limit ourselves

All about the fit

What’s the starting point for a fresh pair of MV jeans?

Stephanie, Denim Designer “New shapes will come in inspired by the latest trends, but we don’t limit ourselves: we look past each trend and ensure we design styles that are flattering and can transcend time.”

Fiona, Garment Technologist “To ensure a consistent fit, we always develop any new designs on our size 12 model, who’s worked with us for years. Over the last decade, we’ve refined and perfected a series of standardized shapes (or blocks, as we call them) that we know we can turn to: some are re-launched season after season as bestsellers, others are used as a starting point to try a new shape.”

How do you make sure a design works across different shapes?

Fiona, Garment Technologist “We organise fit reviews once a season: we’ll get people from different teams and with different sizes to try on the different shapes – it’s much easier to assess which shapes work and which don’t, and whether a fabric is comfortable to walk in or not. We want to make sure our jeans are flattering across sizes and shapes, so sometimes pockets need to be moved slightly or a seam will need tweaking.”

Are all MV jeans available in different leg lengths?

Fiona, Garment Technologist “We always offer a range of leg options (short, regular and long) for our jeans, the measurements of which we’ve refined over the years and which are kept consistent across the business (for trousers or jumpsuits, for example). For denim in particular, the rise always gets adjusted to perfect the overall fit over each length.”

Fabrics, quality & materials

How do you select which fabrics to use?

Nicole, Denim Buying Assistant “Something unique to MV is the way we do ‘wearer trials’ for every new fabric: we usually ask someone in the team to wear a jean sample for 3-4 days. When they bring it back, we wash it in HQ under controlled conditions. It’s so important for us to see how it reacts to wear and to washing.”

How do you give jeans a distressed, lived-in look?

Stephanie, Denim Designer “Any distressing or fading we do on jeans is very considered: I actually use masking tape or draw directly on the sample to show the supplier exactly where to add each detail in a flattering way.”

What are you doing to make MV jeans more sustainable?

Nicole, Denim Buying Assistant “We have started sourcing lower-impact materials, from eco-friendly metallic trims to organic cotton and recycled polyester denim blends – so many exciting new materials and innovations are becoming available. It’s something we continue to work on but we are committed to doing our bit for the planet.”

How do you ensure the final garment is up to scratch quality-wise, is there any testing involved?

Fiona, Garment Technologist “Legally, we are only required to test the fibre composition, but every single fabric we use gets tested by our suppliers at independent labs to mimic wear and wash as well: we evaluate colour fastness, shrinkage, strength of seams, stretch and recovery (so they keep their shape over time), and abrasion (so the fabric doesn’t wear too thin). It’s all about making sure each pair of jeans we make is as durable as possible.”