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Style Notes | Denim With Rosie and Jess Underwood

Denim With Rosie and Jess Underwood

Sian Pilkington

Sian Pilkington



We spoke to Jess and Rosie Underwood about how denim holds a special place in their creative and busy lifestyles, and how they’re styling denim this autumn.


Rosie and Jess Underwood


Describe your typical day to day routine…

Jess: I meditate – it’s the first thing I do every day, then I’ll make a cup of tea and start thinking about things. I go really slowly and gently in the morning. Then I get dressed and I always wear jeans. I keep it really simple – casual jeans with a pair of smart flat shoes and a shirt (usually a man’s) then just a smart bag.  I’m comfortable all day – in my job quite often I’m measuring things on the floor or painting something and wiping my hands on my jeans, my style is functional.




Rosie: I wake with a lumi light and (I’m a little embarrassed of this) my lumi light sets off frankincense oil and diffuses it in my room! Then I’ll meditate, have a hot water and lemon and get dressed – denim gets a look in most days. Usually I have breakfast meetings and after I’ll pop into the office to do some mood boards or castings, then it’s meeting after meeting if I’m not on shoot.


Journalling in denim


What is your go-to denim style?

Rosie: I love boyfriend jeans, they’re so easy to dress up or down. Some people say skinny jeans are dying a slow death but I really don’t think so, especially for winter paired with some studded ankle boots, they really elongate and flatter you.


Denim and boots


Who is your denim icon?

Rosie: Erin Wasson (and Jessie would say the same), she just rocks denim like no-one else- she nails it every time.


Steal her style: Erin Wasson


Daria Print Ruffled Blouse
Orlando Black Zip Skinny Jeans
Tommie Leopard Ankle Boot
Scarlett Ash Zip Leather Bag

What are your key details for Autumn/Winter denim?

Rosie: Button up flies, I think they look really good and they’re such a statement, just tuck in your blouse and show them off, they’re also really sliming in the waistline. I also really love the racer stripe whether that’s in a bold red or in a faded denim.


Mint Velvet Denim with White Trainers


What are your favourite pair of Mint Velvet jeans?

Jess: I love the boyfriend jeans with the stripe down them because I like anything with a military accent. I love anything with a historic reference, so a romantic white blouse looks great with these.


Relaxed Denim




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