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Like mother, like daughter

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we caught up with mum-and-daughter duo (and MV fans) Andrea and Hannah to talk mums, daughters and style!

How would you describe your mum’s style?

Hannah: My mum’s style is pretty casual and comfortable as she’s always on the go. Jeans and a knit with boots is pretty much her everyday go-to (MV is perfect for her style aesthetic). When I think of my mum and shopping it usually starts with me coming over to visit, at which point she’ll deconstruct whatever I’m wearing, ask what other colours it comes in, then task me with actually getting it for her.

What inspires you about your mum?

Hannah: EVERYTHING. She’s amazing and has the ability to be in 51 places at once. I am seriously inspired by how great she looks for her age – we’re often mistaken for sisters!

What is the one thing you will always go to your mum for?

Hannah: Advice. Always. She’ll never judge me for anything I come to her with. I also need to mention I go to her for help LOTS. Despite having moved out I probably ring her on a weekly basis to help me out with some sort of issue – I’m a nightmare.

If you could steal one thing from your mum’s wardrobe what would it be?

Hannah: Erm, my own clothes back! She has quite a habit of stealing my clothes.

If you were spending the perfect mother-daughter day together, what would you get up to and what would you be wearing?

Hannah: Well, I am actually away for Mother’s Day this year (and, yes, I am in the doghouse). So, I’m taking mum for a late lunch when I’m back so we can have a good gossip over wine. We live in a fairly rural area so will be in our standard jeans, knits and boots, so we can easily stroll home.

How would you describe your daughter’s style?

Andrea: Hannah’s style is very unique to her – cool and quirky with a sassy edge.

What milestones have made you proud of your daughter?

Andrea: I’ll never forget her walking down the road to hand in her work for her degree. It was amazing to see her at the end of 4 years of hard work and creativity. Another milestone was when she landed her first major magazine job and watching her travel the world; it was a #proudmummymoment, as all that hard work finally paid off.

What piece of advice have you always given to your daughter?

Andrea: I am FOREVER giving Hannah (and my other 2 daughters) advice which, now they’re older, I think they finally appreciate. I always urge them to be themselves, and those that actually matter will love them for it. Anything is possible although it might not be an easy ride. Be nice and polite, and stand up straight. Oh, and always look after your teeth!

If you could steal one thing from your daughter’s wardrobe what would it be?

Andrea: A few dresses from her silky midi dress collection. She loves wearing printed silky numbers to weddings, or generally in the summer months. And, I have to say – I love her Jimmy Choo snow boots, but I’ve already stolen them.

What traits do you think Hannah takes from you?

Andrea: We talk and act so similarly – our voices sound the same, and she also waves her hands around hideously when she talks, just like I do. We’re both really creative and tenacious, which she’s got from me. She’s also totally taken on my advice with her teeth and has a very similar smile to mine.

Why did you pick the pieces you’re wearing?

Hannah: I am all about great quality basics and Mint Velvet has just that – super simple polos and vests are tops I’ll wear to death and with just about anything. I’m also really into relaxed tailoring at the moment, especially short suits for summer so I was thrilled to see Mint Velvet had the perfect one.

Andrea: It’s the only store I go into where I actually need help carrying all the bits I’ve picked out from the changing room. I’m always drawn to a well-fitting pair of jeans and gorgeous tops and I’m always spoilt for choice at MV. In general, I want clothes that are age-appropriate without compromising on quality or that fresh on-trend style. MV fine knits feel like butter to touch so I’ll always end up picking out those. Hannah actually pushed me out of my comfort zone with this project and made me try things I didn’t realise I would fall in love with.

Hannah (28) is a London-based stylist and has worked across various UK magazines as well as VIP & Celebrity styling.
Andrea (52) is a hair and make-up artist and has worked for various TV and film companies and currently specialises in bridal hair and makeup.
With thanks to The Murphy’s for the location.

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