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Top 5 romantic film fashion moments

MV co-founder, Jane (a self-confessed film buff), chooses her all-time favourite romantic films with their own picture-perfect fashion moments…

1. Lost in Translation

‘This is not an obvious love story. It’s a subtle, bittersweet tale of two lonely people coming together, with no conclusion. We’ll never know what Bill Murray whispers in Scarlett Johansson’s ear in the last scene. It’s an amazingly cool-looking movie with a vibrant Tokyo backdrop and this evocative feeling of being lost in a foreign city. Scarlett looks stunning in her shocking pink bob and black dress on a night out in the city.’

2. Atonement

‘This has an old fashioned love story feel a bit like Brief Encounter. It’s heart-breaking because a couple are torn apart by a lie and then brought back together as an act of atonement before the final twist which is too sad to even talk about. Keira Knightly looks like a model in a painting wearing her jaw-dropping green silk bias-cut dress.’

3. A Star is Born (old and new!)

‘Who can resist the romance of two rock stars falling in love? With one on the rise and one on the decline, this was never going to end well. I just love tragic love stories and both the 1975 and the 2018 versions of this romance are must-sees. No one else rocks 70s threads and a perm like Barbra, and to see Lady Gaga (AKA Stefani Germanotta) so naturally pretty in simple black jeans and a white T-shirt was a revelation.’

4. Brokeback Mountain

‘I sobbed out loud in the cinema watching this beautiful testament to the power of enduring love set in the breathtaking Wyoming mountain ranges. This film charts the forbidden and secretive romance between a rodeo rider and a ranch hand that spans decades, as they try to forget one another but find it’s impossible. The poignant shot of their two shirts hanging together on one hanger at the end of the film gets me every time.’

5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind

‘This is a completely trippy version of a love story gone awry: a break up so bad that you want to erase the person you fell in love with completely from your mind. It’s visually stunning, wonderfully weird and quite dreamlike. Kate Winslet sports a fabulous grungy 90s look: all hoodies, layering and blueberry or orange dyed hair.’

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