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The Art Of | Bullet Journalling

Bullet Journalling

It’s the revolutionary diary trend that fuses creativity and keen organisation within beautiful crafted pages – meet the bullet journal.


Bullet Journal 1


What is bullet journalling?

A creative and visual organisation system to plan your year, month and week ahead through defined sections and list systems. A combination of a to do list, planner and diary.

Why should I start one?

What better way to start the new year than with a fresh, organised plan of your time? Plus, decorating the pages is a satisfying mindful activity.

What do I need to get started?

A blank notebook
Marker / fine liner pens
Tape and any other crafty bits and pieces to embellish


Bullet Journal 2



The best thing about the bullet journal system is the index system. Designate the first 2 pages of your journal as an index to track the content you add throughout the year to refer back to.
The next task is to number each page in your notebook!

After your index, your next page should be a key of all the symbols you use for different notes or activities. These will be used in your calendar pages and can be whatever you want! See photo for reference…
Don’t forget to note this in your index by writing the page number and title.

The future log lists the months of the year so you have an at-a-glance views of key dates and recurring events. Add page number to your index.

Creating ongoing lists for things you might want to note is a handy way to keep all that inspiration in one place. Start off a few key lists such as ‘2018 goals’ or ‘books to read’ and add them in to your index. The great thing about bullet journaling is that you can add these throughout your year and simply note in the index so you know where to find it.


Bullet Journal 3


We now move into the calendar section of the bullet journal. Create a double page at the start of each month to note key dates, to do list and events.

The habit tracker is a popular bullet journal page where you can note down progress towards certain goals or habits you want to develop. Note the days and date across the top and your habit along the side and simply mark off each day you complete your task – great for motivation!

The final essential is your week planner where you can note your day to day tasks, thoughts and activities. If you don’t complete things by the end of the week, carry over to the following week and highlight this with a > symbol.


Bullet Journal 4



BUDGET / SAVINGS – Log your spending or saving to help keep on track of finances.

GRATITUDE LIST – Make a list each week or month highlighting what you’re grateful for – this is a great mindful activity to encourage positive thinking.

GET CREATIVE – Use sticker, stamps and any other embellishments to personalise your bullet journal.

QUOTES / PHOTOS / PICTURES – Another way to add inspiration to your bullet journal is by sticking in your favourite photos, inspirational pictures and motivational quotes.

CLIP – Use paperclips or a bulldog clip to easily find your current day of the week.

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