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Choosing the right paint colour for your home can be tricky especially when you have to factor in so many important aspects such as how much natural light the room gets and what mood you want to create in the room. So whether you are painting your entire wall, a half wall, your doors, ceilings or radiators we have created the RSG guide to choosing the right paint colour for your home!


Like with most interior projects it’s always good to do your research and explore the options that are out there. For us, this is the perfect excuse to spend hours perusing our favourite interior magazines, scrolling through Instagram, creating Pinterest boards and checking out our favourite blogs for inspo! The more inspiration we can get the better!

We recommend getting your hands on a copy of the Rockett St George book: Extraordinary Interiors, and check out Chapter 3 for our guide to creating show stopping looks for the home.


Purple kitchen cabinets


Although it’s tempting to jump ahead to the fun part and pick your wall colour, it will do you good to make sure you have considered the room first. One incredibly important aspect to consider is whether your room is North, South, East or West facing.

Northern facing rooms are typically colder and darker which can create an almost desolate and impersonal feeling when painted in the wrong shade. South facing rooms are much easier to paint, making them a decorating delight! The light in eastern and western facing rooms are ever-changing when it comes to natural light. In the morning Eastern facing rooms are filled with natural light, whilst in the afternoon it’s darker and cooler and vice versa for Western facing rooms. The trick here is to consider what times of the day you will be in that room.


Colour accent doors


Another important aspect is to decide how you want the room to make you feel. Different rooms in the home serve different functions and purposes and so it goes without saying that you don’t want to opt for a bright and energy-inducing paint colour in the bedroom where the sole purpose of the room is to relax, rest and rejuvenate.

Our advice would be to stick to bold colours and patterns in the hallways and bathrooms as they are rooms that you do not spend long periods of time in. Then for rooms that you want to relax in opt for warming and cocooning tones such as deep greens, navy blue and charcoal greys.


Dark living room


For more interior inspiration purchase the Rockett St George: Extraordinary Interiors book or browse their collection online.

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